6 reasons to use an energy consultant rather than go direct

Energy procurement is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, when your contracts are coming up for renewal, who should you approach? Some businesses may contact the supplier directly, but is this the best course of action? What about approaching an energy consultant to do this on your behalf?

An energy consultant can identify contracts tailor-made for your business, saving you money in the long run.

In the following article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using an energy consultant rather than going direct to the supplier, including access to market expertise, unique supplier relationships and more.

Gain access to market expertise

Using an energy consultant means your business will receive account management from an expert who has full access to the energy market. This level of knowledge and dedicated resource enables your account manager to identify price drops in the market and advise you to take advantage of this, securing contracts in time.

Prices fluctuate hour to hour, so it’s handy to have a dedicated resource keeping a close eye on the sector with regular real time pricing.  This has proven particularly useful in the currently volatile energy market.

Energy is a commodity, so making market-based decisions isn’t necessarily a task most companies are informed enough about to complete. Account managers provide useful insight and can advise you on your business’ expenditure. 

Improve time management

Selecting a business energy contract is a time-consuming task which shouldn’t be rushed. Employing an energy consultant empowers you to better use your time in other areas of the business. Energy is a complex and everchanging industry, hence the existence of energy consultants.

Competent energy consultancies will provide a smooth energy switch, handle the billing information, and remove stress associated with energy.

Dealing with issues and queries

You may face a billing issue or have a general enquiry about your business energy. When working with an energy consultant, you will deal with a personal account manager, who gets to know your business inside out, is always available at the end of the phone line and can deal with all admin required on your account.

You can have peace of mind knowing that there’s an expert dedicated to your account, ready to raise any issues or queries with the supplier on your behalf.

Take advantage of unique supplier relationships

Experienced energy consultants have built long term relationships with several suppliers. These affiliations present better prices, as suppliers know they are competing for a contract. A consultant may also bulk buy from suppliers, producing lower prices.

The consultant will also highlight if a specific supplier is a better fit for your business needs, such as those who offer green energy.

It’s common for businesses to be on unsuitable contracts; an energy consultant can implement better suited, tailor-made contracts.

Reduce your overall usage

Some energy consultants offer energy management as part of their solution. Services provided will differ depending on the consultant but typically include:

  • Energy Surveys and Audits – an investigation of your premises to develop a baseline of your energy use. This enables you to eliminate unnecessary expenditure from your budget and maximise the accuracy of your financial forecasts.
  • Monitoring & Targeting Software – provides consumption data reports to help your business manage and measure energy consumption. The data is used to diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  • Remote & Part Time Energy Management – Energy Managers use the data received by the M&T system, and produce monthly reports to the end user, identifying and quantifying all consumption within the month. Part-time energy managers may be more suitable with the option of purchasing ‘blocks’ of time to effectively manage your consumption levels.
  • Compliance & energy related training – assistance with achieving any compliance related measures such as ESOS, EU ETS, Climate Change Agreements and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

House services under one roof

Established energy consultants offer additional savings in other services such as water, telecoms, waste and more. Having all services managed by one company will streamline your portfolio and provide one point of contact.

With energy prices on the rise, a consultant could help you reduce costs in other areas of the business to mitigate increases.


To conclude, your business could see several benefits from working with an energy consultant, rather than going direct to the supplier. Especially if they’re well-established, experienced, and offer more than just energy procurement.

You could see visible savings through lowering your energy expenditure, particularly useful in the current climate. Utilising an energy consultant will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your business energy is in good hands with a team of experts.

Would you like some help or advice on your business energy? Get in touch today.


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