A big week of growth at GAS

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) has welcomed an incredible 73 new starters to the business since the start of February 2019, with 55 joining in the last five days.

The Group has expanded headcount ahead of schedule for the financial year and kicked development into high gear for both head office staff and UK-wide field-based staff.

Many of the new starters have been offered jobs after the closure of energy consultancy Utilitywise, sparking a frantic week of interviews and inductions for the Group’s HR department, recruitment department and senior management team.

Judith Bennison, Group HR Director, said: “The bottom line from last week’s news is that many people lost their jobs.  Despite being a competitor, we were saddened to see this.

“We’ve done our best to turn the situation into a positive for those affected, whom we believe can meet the high standards associated with becoming a GAS employee.  We believe we offer the best package available in what is a very competitive industry.  Hence, we only want the best staff on the market.

Company cars arrive.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone who has joined us over the last few weeks and thank our internal teams who have been working to capacity to facilitate an unprecedented influx of new recruits.  We’ve had transporters full of company cars being dropped off; delivery vans packed to the roof with technology; and extra desks added to every room.  It has been an invigorating week and we’re all now excited about what the rest of the year brings.

“Essentially, this situation has moved our headcount forward ahead of schedule and will help the business grow significantly over coming months.  We say it a lot, but it’s a fantastic time to join our company and we look forward to welcoming even more staff in the very near future.”

Find out more about our current vacancies and what it’s like to work at GAS on our careers page.

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