Academy candidates put through their paces

Today has seen the first assessment day for candidates ahead of the launch of our industry-first GAS Group Academy.

The Academy launches in June, creating a significant number of jobs for apprenticeship seekers in the North East of England.  It provides a route into the sales profession for successful applicants, where they’ll be nurtured in a nationally award-winning environment for the development of apprentices and learn from the very best to develop the skills to launch a life-changing career.

Charlotte, Academy Team Manager, gets to know a candidate

Academy Team Manager Charlotte Henderson said: “Today’s has been a big day for the applicants.  We have assessed not only their aptitude, but also their attitude.  We’re looking for the best here, who can go on and use the skills we’ll give them to become leading lights in our business.  We’re not looking for average.

“We’ve carried out tests and activities which have allowed us to judge how the applicants respond to scenarios and their ability to think on their feet.  We also want people who can naturally take to our high standards of customer service.

“We’ve been impressed with the outcome and I look forward to carrying out more of these days for future intakes.”

A further intake will open almost immediately after the launch of the Academy, with extra advertisements in July for a September start date.  We hope to gain even more applicants next time as the school and college terms draw to a close.

Lauren Redman, HR Manager, mock-interviews a candidate

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