Be Great: Meet Brandon

Here at Great Annual Savings (GAS), we always put #OurPeopleFirst.

In the following feature, we sit down with Brandon Affleck, one of our Business Solutions Advisors, as he explains the far-reaching changes to his life since joining the GAS family.

When did you join GAS and what was your role?

I joined GAS in May 2019 as a Business Solutions Advisor.

What was your professional background before joining GAS?

I worked in two sales environments prior to joining GAS, the first being a customer-facing B2B role for a digital marketing company.

The second being a B2C Holiday Home / Caravan Sales Executive – prior to these I was an undergraduate at Leeds Beckett University.

What motivates you to work so hard?

I enjoy nice things! The money motivates me.

What is your biggest achievement to date at GAS?

Joining the Platinum Club in a relatively short space of time – although I was not from the industry, I have proven myself and reaped the rewards.

Also achieving phenomenal sales success during a pandemic.

What are your top 3 tips for achieving the success you have achieved

  1. It sounds cliché but don’t give up – there have been challenging times but I worked through them
  2. Give yourself a target/goal and aim towards it every day
  3. Don’t settle, always look to push yourself

What does the future look like for you at GAS?

I’m looking to develop into a Business Solutions Manager – with bigger earning potential and plenty more business to come.

I want to be in a position where I’m responsible for taking care of my own customer portfolio, and helping new customers make savings too.

Provide examples of how the earning potential at GAS has changed your life

I’m in a position where I can move forward in buying my first home – which is a pretty big deal for me personally, and I’ve managed it in less than a year of work.

I’ll make sure it’s pretty special too.