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EBDS applications now open for Energy & Trade Intensive Industries

Following the announcement of the new Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) in January, UK businesses classified as Energy and Trade Intensive Industries (ETIIs) are now eligible to apply for additional support. Please see below for the eligibility criteria and further details on how to apply. Who is eligible? An organisation

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Timing your business energy renewal

The volatile nature of the energy market has left many UK businesses asking the same question: “when is the best time to renew my energy contract?” The answer is a complex one, with numerous factors influencing what the best advice is for you.  Before making any decision, it’s important to

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TCR: All your business needs to know

Targeted Charging Review (TCR): three words that have frustrated business owners and professionals responsible for business energy for numerous years. Finally, after years of stumbling blocks and delays, April 2023 will see the rollout of TCR. In the following piece, we discuss how the changes will be implemented and where

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What to consider when choosing your apprenticeship

Just like any other job advert, apprenticeships can include a ream of information, which may be slightly overwhelming at first glance. When you’re viewing several vacancies a day, it’s easy to overlook the important elements. So which key areas should you focus on? We’re going to highlight four important aspects

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Is an apprenticeship right for me?

By Rachel McCourt, Marketing Advisor Taking the next step in building your career can be daunting with several choices to make. You may be considering the academic route or a full-time job. But what if you could combine the two? That’s the essence of an apprenticeship. You’re immersed in the

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Fluorescent Lightbulbs Ban 2023

Fluorescent lightbulbs 2023 ban – Is your business ready?

Legislation coming into force in September 2023 will see a ban on the sales of fluorescent lightbulbs across the UK. The move is part of the government’s long-term plans to tackle climate change, and follows a similar decision made in September 2021 to ban the sale of halogen bulbs.  In

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Energy Bills Discount Scheme explained for businesses

The Government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) is due to end on 31st March 2023 and the UK’s businesses have now been provided with some detail on what support they can expect from April onwards. The £18 billion EBRS was announced in September, in response to the energy price crisis

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The Big Switch off 2025

In December 2025, UK telecommunications is set for its biggest shakeup in a generation. Known as ‘The Big Switch Off’, BT have announced that traditional telephony, including fixed lines and services in the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off and withdrawn from service. Moving forward, UK businesses

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Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement 2022: Business Impact

Ahead of the Autumn Statement, the eyes and ears of the UK public were keenly focused on one man on 17th November 2022 as Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced his first budget since assuming the role a mere four weeks earlier. Following the fallout of September 2022’s mini

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Restaurants Energy Guide

Restaurants: An Energy Guide

In the current climate, running costs are hitting businesses harder than ever. One industry under substantial pressure is hospitality, where energy consumption is inevitably high. In fact, according to data from the Carbon Trust, the catering industry uses 20,600 million kWh of energy each year.

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