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Here at Great Annual Savings (GAS), our staff are working from the safety of their own homes. However, we’re still here to help in any way we can. Whether you’re a current customer or a business completely unrelated to GAS, we’ll do our very best to steer you in the right direction in these troubled times.

To help you on your way, we’ve created our dedicated business support hub. As the situation develops, we’ll continue to update you regularly with the latest (and most relevant) business advice.

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Person's hand making a contactless payment with their smartphone

Coronavirus may have changed payments forever

Contactless payments through debit and credit cards, smart watches and various devices have not always had the smoothest of rides since the technology entered the mainstream. Security around the payments themselves and stories of “skimming” of devices and cards by criminals being two of the early concerns consumers expressed. As

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Six post-lockdown business cost saving ideas

The bizarre and unparalleled environment businesses are now operating in has thrown up a number of questions around what life will be like after the lockdown ends and we ease back into normality. Some business owners have a little extra time on their hands at present, so it’s a good

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Oil prices on the rise: act now to save

The “new normal” that we find ourselves living at present has led to much political, scientific and economic squabbling over the best course of action in various industries.  The global Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the world of business is showing no sign of slowing.  But, Easter weekend saw an unusual

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What does furlough mean?

In stories of great public interest, there always seems to be an associated word or phrase that hardly anyone has used before that becomes permanently on the lips of the nation. There are a few to choose from as a result of the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  For example, “social

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COVID-19 Business

Admirable business responses to COVID-19

It’s fair to say the past seven days has been entirely life-changing for the U.K. and beyond. Whilst we all adjust to the biggest behaviour change in known history, businesses have been faced with unimaginable challenges – challenges even those with the most robust disaster recovery plan could not have

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Business Waste

Business Waste Guide

Business waste disposal can account of 4-5% of your total business turnover, so ensuring you have the right policies in place is vital to ensuring cost control.

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business water

Business Water Guide

Whether you’re an essential business operating as usual, or you’ve now closed following government guidance, our experts give their top tips on managing your business water supply.

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hotel water

Water Saving Guide: Hotels

When running a hotel, you probably think that a high water usage and bill is inevitable. While you will undoubtedly have a high water consumption, water waste can contribute heavily towards your bottom line.

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