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Cost Reduction

Business cost reduction: a holistic approach

The UK is hopefully entering a “post-pandemic” period and businesses are now adapting their models to maximise trade. The retail sector is working with councils around the country on new outdoor spaces becoming permanent; offices are closing and flexible working practices are being adopted; the decline of cash payments is

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business water

Business Water Guide

Whether you’re an essential business operating as usual, or you’ve now closed following government guidance, our experts give their top tips on managing your business water supply.

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hotel water

Water Saving Guide: Hotels

When running a hotel, you probably think that a high water usage and bill is inevitable. While you will undoubtedly have a high water consumption, water waste can contribute heavily towards your bottom line.

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Restaurant Water Saving

Water Saving Guide: Restaurants

If you’re in the restaurant trade, high consumption of water is unfortunately inevitable. From cleaning dishes to operating rest rooms, it probably seems like water is constantly flowing.

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school water saving

Water Saving Guide: Schools

With schools spending over £70 million a year on water, it comes as no surprise that educational establishments are becoming more aware of the financial and environmental impacts of their water use.

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Water Deregulation

Water Deregulation: What you need to know

Water deregulation is upon us this week.  After months of speculation about players, licenses, and most of all prices, we’re about to find out what impact the changes will have on businesses. As always, there are rumours and opinions floating around about what will happen. Here’s what we know to be

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