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Cost Reduction

Business cost reduction: a holistic approach

The UK is hopefully entering a “post-pandemic” period and businesses are now adapting their models to maximise trade. The retail sector is working with councils around the country on new outdoor spaces becoming permanent; offices are closing and flexible working practices are being adopted; the decline of cash payments is

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EV Charging

What are the benefits of EV charging in the workplace?

Whether you’re off for your weekly food shop or paying a visit to the local gym, you’ve probably started to notice those little electric vehicle charging points (EV charging) popping up in car parks throughout the UK (normally with a nice parking space close to the entrance!). Apart from the

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Electric Car

Should my business buy electric vehicles?

Once a far-off twinkle in the eye of businesses’ management teams, electric vehicles are charging their way to the forefront of the automotive industry and, thanks to developments from pioneers like Tesla, are providing a more attractive prospect for commercial use.

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Switching business energy?

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