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Spectrum 6 Night

Durham International Festival of Enterprise

Why GAS decided to support the inaugural Durham International Festival of Enterprise. You may be reading this because you’ve just heard Phil Andrew, our Head of Customer Experience, introduce us at Durham International Festival of Enterprise (DIFE).  You might have seen our bright ‘Bill Doctor’ banners in the foyer.  You

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Paying Too Much for Your Website

Are you paying too much for your website?

Web hosting: the basics for your business It’s 2017 and the Internet Revolution seems to be growing out of the “Wild West” period, where everybody knew the importance of their business having an online presence, but not everyone understood how it worked. This made it easy for web agencies to

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North East Businesses

North East businesses are paying 21% too much for energy

Apathy towards their energy bills is costing North East businesses significant amounts of money. That’s the message from Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), after analysing the savings it generated for North East customers in 2016. GAS’ response to the figures has been to introduce a new tool to help businesses.

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Ten not so great deals from the January transfer window

Here at Great Annual Savings, we’re experts in reducing your running costs and ensuring you aren’t being overcharged on your everyday business expenses.  In our regular blog posts and industry updates, we often preach the importance of not overspending unnecessarily on your indirect costs. As the football January transfer deadline approaches, we take a

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Why apprenticeships make sense: By the apprentices

At Great Annual Savings Group (GAS), we’re super-excited about tonight’s National Apprenticeship Awards final in London. Partly because we’re a finalist in the Newcomer SME of the Year category (have you heard?).  But also because we’re a vocal advocate of the importance of apprenticeships, both to businesses and the country’s

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The UK’s economic future: How SMEs can prepare

We’ve read some sobering headlines over the last six months, predicting everything from environmental disasters to the demise of the NHS. The reality of what happens post-Brexit and during Trump’s Presidency will most likely lie somewhere in between the predictions of the supporters and opposition of the situation Great Britain

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Switching business energy?

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