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Oil prices

Why so crude? Oil prices explained for businesses

​We see it on a weekly basis in the news – the price of crude oil has risen or fallen. Despite the continual increase in the cost of living in the UK, the cost of oil genuinely fluctuates.  Indeed, it hit a 14 year low at the start of 2016.​

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Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement: Seven things for your business to consider

Last week saw the release of the autumn statement, the latest update on how the government is spending its money and what effect it’s been having. Amid the groaning and screeching noises of the House of Commons and the carefully selected financial statistics, it’s hard to pick the bones out

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Big 6 raising tariffs again: What does this mean for businesses?

We’re now well-accustomed to headlines about energy price rises.  Last week’s news issued a warning that tariffs have risen by an average of 16% across the ‘big six’ since September. Consumer switching service Uswitch issued the report, suggesting the increase is a result of rising wholesale prices and the falling

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Automatic Lighting Sensors

Automatic lighting sensors are a cost-effective way of removing wasted energy and expense on lights.  You might have been in a room before, perhaps working late at your desk, and the lights have inexplicably gone off by themselves. “Make sure you turn off your lights when not in use…” –

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Joe Tait

Juggling the FA Cup with work

North East football club Spennymoor Town are making headlines nationally and internationally this week ahead of their historic FA Cup First Round tie against League One’s MK Dons. Ahead of the game, we speak to GAS employee Joe Tait as he prepares to step out onto the turf in the world’s

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Carry out an energy audit

You’ll have to invest some time or money to conduct a full energy audit, but the results will be worth it in the long term. Having an expert assess your premises in detail will throw up numerous areas for improvement.  And, at GAS, we believe in recommending a range of

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Heat Loss

Reduce your heat loss

Most people consider heat loss in their home almost constantly.  But it probably won’t cross their mind as often in the workplace, where it could cost you more money faster than it does at home. It’s a real problem too.  Your building’s front door is probably open and closed a

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Switching business energy?

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