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Energy Procurement

Energy Market Update | 07/03/2022

Following the previous update, GAS has closely monitored the energy market position for the benefit of its customers and partners. This briefing update was created on 07/03/2022. Unprecedented disruption As the world watches the conflict in Ukraine unfold, key marketplaces have become volatile. The scarcity of natural gas within Europe

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Energy Market Update | 22/02/2022

As a business cost reduction specialist, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) will provide regular updates on the impacts of geopolitical tensions in Ukraine. The situation in Eastern Europe is having a major impact on many essential markets, including energy. This article was written at 13:00. The Russia/Ukraine border stand-off has

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Phil Andrew and Sharon Appleby at Keel Square, Sunderland City Centre

BID: Sunderland businesses can benefit from relaunched partnership

The opportunity for Sunderland city centre businesses to save money across a whole host of areas is now available, thanks to a renewed partnership between Sunderland BID and Great Annual Savings Group. Both organisations are building on their existing relationship to encourage companies to sign up with GAS, which can

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Cost Reduction

Business cost reduction: a holistic approach

The UK is hopefully entering a “post-pandemic” period and businesses are now adapting their models to maximise trade. The retail sector is working with councils around the country on new outdoor spaces becoming permanent; offices are closing and flexible working practices are being adopted; the decline of cash payments is

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Covid Waste

Minimise your business waste expenditure during COVID-19

It would be somewhat of an understatement to say COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses. In troubling times such as these it is only natural to direct your attention to aspects of your business that you deem the most important, such as your workforce, customer base and front-facing

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Seaham Business Park

COVID-19 Business Support

As one of the UK’s leading cost reduction specialists, we’ll do everything we can to steer you in the right direction in these troubled times. 

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Employee Reviews

Encouraging employee reviews: An interview with Victoria Walton

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) was recently recognised as the UK’s joint second-best employers for Work-Life balance by Glassdoor with a score of 4.9/5. The Glassdoor accolade was brilliant for the Group, however the fact the feedback and reviews on the site were directly from our staff made the award

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