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GAS SAFC Foodbank pledge could raise £10,000

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) has experienced a phenomenal response to the launch of the 2020/21 Sunderland AFC home kit on social media, which has struck a chord with CEO Brad Groves. The new home shirt was released by the club at 10am today, proudly featuring the GAS logo emblazoned

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Gary Mapstone

Massive Lads fans: Gary Mapstone

GAS’ Energy Management and Efficiency consultancy can prove to be an invaluable long-term investment for a business.  The Group’s most senior figure in the department, Gary Mapstone, is no stranger to long-term investments of his own, having followed Group Partner SAFC for his entire life.

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Josh Green

Massive Lads fans: Josh Green

The Sunderland fans have been unbearable at Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) all week! Our Black Cats supporting colleagues have been rightfully excited to see the new kits, but have a little longer to wait before the club reveals the 2020/21 designs. Until then, the excitement will continue to build. 

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The red and white runs deep at GAS

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) has been announced as Sunderland AFC’s principal partner for 2020/21 this week, much to the delight of the Group’s red and white colleagues. With headquarters in Seaham, GAS employs more than 300 people around the UK.  The news that the brand will appear on the

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Reviewing review sites

Review websites are growing in stature and importance. Google coined the term “Zero Moment of Truth” in their acclaimed re-write of the online buyer journey in 2014.  This refers to the moment before a product or service is purchased whereby the customer conducts online research before making their final decision. 

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Person's hand making a contactless payment with their smartphone

Coronavirus may have changed payments forever

Contactless payments through debit and credit cards, smart watches and various devices have not always had the smoothest of rides since the technology entered the mainstream. Security around the payments themselves and stories of “skimming” of devices and cards by criminals being two of the early concerns consumers expressed. As

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Six post-lockdown business cost saving ideas

The bizarre and unparalleled environment businesses are now operating in has thrown up a number of questions around what life will be like after the lockdown ends and we ease back into normality. Some business owners have a little extra time on their hands at present, so it’s a good

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Oil prices on the rise: act now to save

The “new normal” that we find ourselves living at present has led to much political, scientific and economic squabbling over the best course of action in various industries.  The global Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the world of business is showing no sign of slowing.  But, Easter weekend saw an unusual

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What does furlough mean?

In stories of great public interest, there always seems to be an associated word or phrase that hardly anyone has used before that becomes permanently on the lips of the nation. There are a few to choose from as a result of the global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  For example, “social

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Switching business energy?

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