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Schools Energy

Schools: An energy guide

From powering heating systems to computers and lighting, schools consume large amounts of energy. But, with pressure from climate change groups and governments, pressure is rapidly increasing to cut carbon emissions.

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Hotels Energy

Hotels: An Energy Guide

With accommodation, spa, catering and laundry services to manage (to name just a few!), it probably comes as no surprise that the hotel and hospitality sector exceeds £1.3bn annually for energy spend.

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Cyber Monday

6 ways to keep your IT systems safe this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, landing just a few days after its real-world cousin Black Friday, is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for online shopping. In 2018, over a third of all Brits ventured online to make a purchase in the sales as the UK spent in excess of

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Daniel Butler

Fortune favours the brave

Leaving behind years of experience and knowhow to move into a completely new line of work takes some bravery, but Lead Generator Daniel Butler has made a career change stick.

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Energy landlords

Landlords: An Energy Guide

Have you ever read an article on energy and thought “well that all sounds great, but does it even apply to my business?” It’s a question that we hear so often from our clients that we’ve decided to do something about it.

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Charities honour GAS after £45K staff donation

The Group’s incredibly generous work force have outdone themselves by raising more than £45,000 in 12 months for three charities in the region. Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) employees have raised funds for their three chosen charities through a series of activities, events and payroll giving.  Two of the charities

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