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Carbon Offsetting

A business’ guide to carbon offsetting

Whether you’ve read an academy study, saw it on the news or simply watched a David Attenborough narrated wildlife show, people are becoming savvy to the environmental damage being caused by rising CO² levels.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics: Top Business Benefits

Google Analytics is the leading online software for tracking and reporting data from your website. In layman’s terms, it basically analyses the behaviour of users on your site. Think about the real world. If you owned a shop, you’d want to know how many people visited, what items they purchased

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What is Demand Side Response (DSR)?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to our electricity, we’re all guilty of taking it for granted. We rarely stop to think about what would happen if the country found itself in a position where demand exceeds supply. Whilst the chances of this happening permanently are slim, there are still

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Chinese Waste

Are changes to Chinese waste laws increasing my bills?

When we think about changes in law that will have an impact on our business, we automatically think of those closest to home; Brexit, Government legislation etc. But what about decisions made further afield? Can a change in Chinese waste laws really affect UK businesses? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

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Earth Hour

5 Ways your business can make a difference during Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour? Having its origins in Sydney back in 2007, the WWF organised Earth Hour has now grown to be the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. Since its inception, millions of people around the world have been inspired to act for the protection of our planet

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Smart Export Guarantee

What is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

Renewable energy generation is on an upward trend, but its technology and infrastructure are still in their infancy. In November 2018, the UK’s renewable energy capacity surpassed that of fossil fuels for the first time ever.  Last year as a whole, renewable sources accounted for 27.5 per cent of the

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