Burtonwood Community Centre

Burtonwood Community Centre Case Study

Company Background

Located in the county of Cheshire, Burtonwood Community Centre is a volunteer-run organisation, where the needs of its community lie at the heart of everything they do.

Adhering to the motto “something for everyone”, the centre provides amenities for the public, with their community hall playing host to wedding functions, birthday parties and fundraising events.


Following a review into government spending in the local area, Burtonwood Community Centre underwent a ‘community asset transfer’, which is the transfer of land or buildings from a public body to a community-based organisation to achieve a local social, economic or environmental benefit.

The transfer of the centre meant staff would now be tasked with managing the utility bills for the site, something which had previously been coordinated by Warrington Borough Council.

With limited experience in the area, Burtonwood began the process of searching for a business partner with the expertise, industry know-how and proven track record to support them moving forward.

Following a comprehensive review of the market, Burtonwood chose to work alongside Great Annual Savings (GAS), due to their experience in working with organisations undergoing the same process.


A key differentiator for the centre choosing GAS was the firm’s ability to procure services for multiple areas of the business.

The community centre was able to utilise GAS’ guidance and expertise in not only their gas and electricity procurement, but also in the management of their water bills.

Following a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the centre’s existing energy and water contracts, GAS’ team of industry-leading specialists utilised their superior buying power to renegotiate their current deal and procure market-leading terms on their behalf.


  • Remove the burden of managing their utilities in-house.
  • Protect themselves from any future energy or water price increases.
  • Establish long-term control over their future running costs.
  • Maximise the accuracy of their financial forecasts with a tighter control over spending.


“The community asset transfer was always going to be a stressful and time-consuming project. GAS’ professional attitude and experience in negotiating with major suppliers on our behalf was an invaluable asset throughout the process.

We didn’t want the hassle of negotiating with numerous suppliers and the appointment of GAS has taken that job out of our hands.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GAS to any group preparing for such measures.”

Andy Carr, Centre Manager
Burtonwood Community Centre

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