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Business Waste Guide

Business waste disposal can account for 4-5% of your total business turnover, so ensuring you have the right policies in place is vital to achieving cost control.

In this guide our experts explain the benefits of executing an efficient waste disposal strategy at your business.

Your business will meet regulations

Every commercial enterprise in the UK has a Waste Duty of Care. Businesses have a legal obligation to dispose of waste in a manner that protects the environment and public health.

There are many different aspects of waste regulations that businesses need to be aware of. And, as it is illegal for a business to dispose of waste as you would household waste, it’s important your business is complying with the following:

  1. Environmental Protection Act 1990
  2. Control of Pollution Act 1974
  3. The Waste Management, Duty of Care Act 1991

Outsourcing business waste services could ensure your business adheres to regulations and your waste is disposed of legally.

Your business can save money

As of April 2020, Landfill Tax is to increase to £94.15 per tonne of general waste. It is currently £91.35 per tonne.  Therefore, the taxation involved in disposal could mean a significant outlay if your business has a large waste output.

Reducing waste is easier than you may realise. Simple steps can be taken to minimise excess supply:

  • Ensure stock is optimally stored
  • Only buy stock as required, do not stockpile if not necessary
  • Check your deliveries match your orders
  • Regularly check use-by dates and use stock before it’s out of date
  • Use a compost bin for some food waste

Your business can have a better environmental impact

With business waste accounting for almost 20% of all waste produced in England, there is a hefty price tag associated with waste management costs across the country, not to mention the high amount of CO2 emissions being produced as a result of commercial waste.

Reducing landfill has a direct impact on your business’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, by implementing correct recycling measures, you will ensure the business is minimising its impact on the environment.

With 95% of small businesses claiming they would recycle more if they had access to better facilities, your first port of call when implementing recycling should be to outsource business waste services. These will ensure your business not only meets regulation, but your waste is disposed of responsibly.

Your hotel staff morale can be boosted

With a focus on recycling and making the overall goal of limiting carbon footprint, your staff will feel as though they are contributing to a good cause.

By being transparent with how the business is saving commercially making the business more stable, a sense of staff loyalty may be provoked.


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