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GAS has proven a valuable partner to businesses in England since water deregulation took place in 2017.

We have saved our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds via renegotiated business water contracts during that time period. Savings can reach up to 30 per cent in England and up to 50 per cent in Scotland.

Cost Reduction

Over the previous 12 months, we have saved our customers an average of 14% on their water expenditure.

Full Water Audit

A thorough review of your previous water expenditure to identify any historic overcharges and apply for reimbursement.

Trusted Suppliers

We work with an expert panel of suppliers to find you the most appropriate deal and can turn around quotes in under 48 hours.

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Did you know?

"Only 58% of eligible business water customers are aware that they are able to change the company providing their water or renegotiate their deal with their existing supplier."
Ofwat Non Household Customer Insight Survey 2020

What makes us different?

Unlike other businesses who will merely switch your contracts but leave you to look after the rest, GAS’ team of experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to controlling your water expenditure. 

Usage Analysis

We'll analyse your current water usage to identify if you're paying for more water than you actually need.

Bill Analysis

Unintentional errors in bills makes overcharging common in the water industry. Get real peace of mind with a full bill analysis.

Surface Water & Highway Drainage

We'll assess your current practices to identify if your business should be paying drainage charges or not.

Trade Effluent Negotiations

With years of industry experience behind them, our team will ensure you're paying the correct trade effluent charge.

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Business water FAQs.

The market opened in 2017 for all Non-Household customers to switch retailers for the first time in England. This allows you to seek out improved service, bigger savings, and greater water efficiency measures at any time.

Your chosen retailer will then look after your accounts and consumption data with the wholesaler, and the Market Operator.

A SPID is your Supply Point ID – a 13 digit reference number that represents your supply. All chargeable services are tagged to your SPID. There are two kinds: Water (which ends in a W) and Wastewater (which ends in an S).

You may also be assigned a Discharge Point ID (DPID) if you are permitted to discharge Trade Effluent Waste.

Businesses falling into divisions 1-5 of the 1980 edition of SIC code list have to pay 20% VAT on clean water only.

If you’re paying VAT and don’t believe you should be, get in touch and we can assist.

A full review of services to ensure there are no mischarges or service issues. A water audit includes:

  • 12 months bill validation
  • Meter downsizing and redundant supply
  • Water supply refunds and non-return to sewer allowance/rebate
  • Leak/waste detection, repair, and refund
  • Trade effluent, allowances and strengths (Mogden Formula)
  • Surface water & highways drainage Charges (water rates)
  • Duplicate charging and incorrectly applied tariff structure
  • Bespoke works – AMR Technology, Borehole, Rainwater Harvesting
Our water audits are completely FREE of charge for your business. 

First, do not cancel any direct debits and ensure you have let the retailer know if you are struggling to make payment. Failure to pay can lead to interest build-up and affect your credit.

Next – submit a new meter read. This will recalculate your usage on your next billing period and generate an accurate bill. From here you can clear down the balance or set up a payment plan.

The most common cause of bills being inaccurate is estimated reads: submitting regular reads is vital.

If you believe you have a leak: contact your retailer and request their support.

  • Take regular meter readings and cross check with your water bill
  • Establish consumption when facility is closed or at low occupancy this will help identify any potential leaks or unnecessary use
  • Carry out regular checks on overflows, pipework, valves and water using appliances
  • Undertake water efficiency audit

Helpful business water content.

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