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Chinese Waste

Are changes to Chinese waste laws increasing my bills?

When we think about changes in law that will have an impact on our business, we automatically think of those closest to home; Brexit, Government legislation etc. But what about decisions made further afield? Can a change in Chinese waste laws really affect UK businesses? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

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Smart Export Guarantee

What is the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

Renewable energy generation is on an upward trend, but its technology and infrastructure are still in their infancy. In November 2018, the UK’s renewable energy capacity surpassed that of fossil fuels for the first time ever.  Last year as a whole, renewable sources accounted for 27.5 per cent of the

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Asiana Fusion

Asiana Fusion Restaurant Case Study

As one of the City of Sunderland’s finest restaurants, Asiana serves the city’s food lovers from its stunning base in the Echo 24 building. Renowned for its exceptional Asian fusion cuisine, lively atmosphere and panoramic views over the River Wear, Asiana is a jewel in the crown of Sunderland’s thriving

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Top 4 tips for creating a valuable brand

Branding has never been as important as it is today. Now that it is considered a significant mainstream management activity, businesses require a clear brand and corporate image in order for their customers to understand what they stand for.

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EV Charging

What are the benefits of EV charging in the workplace?

Whether you’re off for your weekly food shop or paying a visit to the local gym, you’ve probably started to notice those little electric vehicle charging points (EV charging) popping up in car parks throughout the UK (normally with a nice parking space close to the entrance!). Apart from the

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SECR framework set to replace CRC scheme, are you ready?

The UK government have announced a new mandatory Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, a decision which is set to have a huge impact on many large businesses throughout the country. The new framework is set to replace their outgoing CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in April of this year,

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