Close House Golf Club

Close House Case Study

Company Background

Located just 15 minutes from Newcastle city centre, Close House offers state of the art golfing facilities. The 250-year-old Close House estate grounds also house a restaurant and luxury accommodation.

Close House comprises of a range of courses and played host to the British Masters in 2017.


The club had many contracts with multiple ends dates to keep track of which proved extremely time consuming.

Given their many energy meters, the club found it difficult to gage exactly how and when their energy was being used. Without this visibility it was impossible to monitor and manage their usage effectively.

Close House were keen to improve their environmental impact; however, they did not have the in-house resource to manage an energy management  strategy.


As Close House had many contracts, Great Annual Savings (GAS) worked to align end dates, drastically decreasing the administrative burden. GAS was also able to provide more competitive prices than those in their renewal quote.

Additionally, GAS is leading a renewables project on the club’s driving range, which will reduce carbon footprint, reliance on the grid, reduce consumption and costs over an extended period.

A monitoring & targeting platform will also be installed across the site to help the club manage and understand their energy consumption.


• A decreased carbon footprint
• Administrative burden removed
• A saving on energy costs
• Protection from future price increases
• Brand enhancement with improved green credentials


“We met with GAS during a golf day we were involved in. At the time we were using another energy consultancy to manage our utilities but we were in the process of doing due diligence for our energy contracts.

The additional value GAS was able to offer instantly set them apart from others in the market and put them ahead of the competition with regards to energy efficiency, cost reduction and renewables projects.”

Jonathan Greenwood
Operations Director & PGA Professional,
Close House

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