Display Energy Certificate

What is a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and does my business need one?

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) shows the energy performance of a public building on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’.

They must be produced by a qualified energy assessor and the certificate must be displayed in a prominent place, clearly visible to the public.  They are accompanied by an “Advisory Report” (AR), which specifies recommendations from the survey carried out to produce the DEC.

The equivalent in Scotland is an “Energy Performance Certificate”.

Private organisations aren’t required to possess a DEC, but it is recommended for any business wanting to reduce their energy expenditure.  An Energy Performance Certificate will also be required to sell or rent out a building.

What buildings need a certificate?

By law, buildings meeting the following stipulations need a DEC:

  • All buildings over 250 square metres
  • Buildings frequented by the public
  • Any building at least partially occupied by a public authority (including leisure centres, educational establishments, local government etc.)

How long are they valid for?

If the building is more than 250 square metres but under 1,000 square metres, the DEC is valid for 10 years and the AR is valid for 10 years.

If the building is larger than 1,000 square metres, the DEC is valid for one year and the AR is valid for seven years.

You’ll find the expiration date of your DC in the bottom right section entitled “additional information”.

What happens if my DEC is out of date or I don’t have one?

Your local authority can issue a fine if you don’t have an up-to-date DEC displayed correctly.

There is an immediate fine of £500 for an incorrectly-displayed certificate and £1,000 for failing to have a valid accompanying AR.  A deadline will be given to resolve any issues highlighted.  If this isn’t met, further fines can be issued.

How do I know if my business is compliant?

We can help you check whether your business building’s DEC is valid and in-date quickly.  Give us a call or an email for an answer.

If you need to renew your Display Energy Certificate, our fully-qualified, in-house practitioners can help you get compliant.

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