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How GAS is shaking up the energy sales industry

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) is the anomaly in the energy sales industry.  That’s just the way we like it.

GAS may be locally famous for the music festivals, luxury staff events, engagement initiatives, support of grass roots sport and #TheGASLife; but it’s the day-to-day that makes the difference to new recruits.

Many of the Group’s sales staff have joined from elsewhere in the industry.

Ellen McClelland, Team Manager (UKI), Chris Williams, Business Solutions Manager (UKI), and Sarah Briggs, Business Solutions Manager (UKI), all joined together in October 2018 from a competitor.

At a time when the sector is in a significant state of flux, we caught up with the trio to find out what their first quarter at GAS has been like.

You’re all experienced in energy sales.  How long have you worked in the industry?

Sarah: A year before joining GAS in October.

Chris: A year.

Ellen: I did a year and a half at my previous employer and spent time elsewhere in the oil and gas industry before that.

What have the first few months been like?

Chris: From the outset, all three of us want to be clear that we aren’t being interviewed to bash the competition.  We all enjoyed our time elsewhere in the industry, but the first few months here have been different.

Ellen: Success is measured differently here.  Your performance and rewards are based on high-level outcomes.  Things like call times aren’t front-of-mind.  I’m not worrying about how many hours I have spent on the phone when there’s quality business being done.  That’s what counts.

Sarah: It’s a cliché, but I’d absolutely say you’re treated like an adult and trusted to deliver what you’ve promised.

You’ve mentioned it’s different here.  Can you put your finger on why that is?

Chris: Partly, you can tell by the larger number of services the company offers that it’s focused on delivering a greater level of value to customers.  At GAS, we want to deliver long-term business.

Sarah: I feel free to use my own initiative and manage my own time to deliver against the targets I’m set.  It’s as simple as that!

Ellen: You’re not chained to your desk here.  The staff are all approachable throughout the whole structure.  I’ve only had a few interactions with the CEO, but they’ve all been positive.  You’re expected to achieve great things and whether I do or not is entirely down to me.  My team and I are encouraged to develop our own pipelines and ensure they’re quality deals for both the customer and GAS that can be repeat business down the line.

The compliance processes here are the best I’ve come across.  The Quality and Risk team employs a common-sense approach to self-regulation, but I’m yet to have any disagreements on the ratings they’ve given me and they’re always open to a human conversation.

The commission process is also the best I’ve seen.  They’re quicker and more reliable at GAS, with more effective communication throughout.  Overall, there’s just more earning potential.

What about the people side?

Sarah: We’re still relatively new, I don’t know everyone, but I’ve had help on projects from others, which hasn’t happened in other places I’ve worked.  There are some experienced staff who have been here since the company began who’ll always lend a hand.  The admin team who process some really complex deals for customers are the best I’ve worked with.

Chris: We had our staff Christmas Party, which was on another level to anything we’d seen before.  You can see the Board want to keep the best talent at GAS.  I wasn’t surprised on my induction when they showed the turnover stats.  Quality professionals tend to stay here.

Ellen: There are some other perks too, like the free health care plan and the local discounts for hotels and shops.  You can feel that GAS is building a brand that staff can be proud of, from the charity money we’ve raised to the volunteering days and the local sponsorships.


Sarah, Chris and Ellen with GAS Director Mark Jones at the 2018 staff Christmas party

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