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Funding Support

Our partners will work alongside you to ensure you have full aceess to local and national government funds.

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Our end-to-end account management team will complete the design, installation and maintenance of your service.

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Ongoing operational support to deliver training, product maintenance and expert advice to maintain optimal performance.

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Utilise the latest integrated software to remotely manage and monitor usage reporting, billing, tariff setting and more.

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Charging points available.

There’s three types of EV charging points available via our suppliers.

Standard (3-7kW)

Charging takes 8-12 hours

Fast (7-22kW)

Charging takes 2-8 hours

Rapid (Up to 150kW)

Charging takes 1-2 hours

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EV charging FAQs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for EV charging solutions. Each unique quote is dependent on your individual requirements and site.

With just a few questions, we can give you an indicative price to help you decide what’s right for your business.

No. However, if you lease or rent your premises then you would usually be required to gain consent from the landlord before installation can begin.

If we installed the charging point then we can provide an estimate for moving the charging point equipment – just email our customer service team.

If the charging point is installed on your property and you would like to move it, you’ll be responsible for making the arrangements. Please under no circumstances should you attempt to move the charging point yourself. It should only be moved by a qualified electrician.

Basic chargers can be operated using a key switch. We can also offer a system that remotely monitors the chargers and controls access via radio frequency identification (RFID) cards and/or a mobile app.

Remote monitoring can help in more complex cases. For example, you may have company vehicles, employees and visitors using the chargers, but you may only want to bill employees and visitors.

Different tariffs for different users can be set up, with some given free access. The system will still report back with details of things like energy used, charge time, location and user. The data can be filtered for easy monitoring.

The beauty of electric vehicles is how much cheaper they often are to run compared to their petrol or diesel equivalents. The overall cost varies depending on a number of varying factors, such as battery size, energy consumption levels and the energy contracts you have in place (the current price per kWh you’re paying).

To calculate your business electric vehicle savings go to Online journey cost savings calculator

The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) offer a grant to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles. This is known as the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

Find out how to apply for the scheme here. 

Charging times depend on the make and model of your car and the type of charging point you have installed.

Below is an indication of how long each charging point takes to charge:

Standard (3-7kW) – 8-12 hours.
Fast(7-22kW) – 
2-8 hours.
Rapid (Up tp 150kW) – 1-2 hours

Yes, we will arrange with our suppliers for their engineers to visit your premises and conduct a full site survey. They will work with you to determine the right charging equipment for your needs. Please note, the engineers will need access to your switch rooms.

The survey will include a review of whether the site has sufficient spare electrical capacity. If not, they can help you apply to your district network operator (DNO) for a quote for extra capacity.

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