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You get in touch

Have a short consultation with our leading EV expert partner to decide the best product and any available grants or funding that could reduce your installation costs.


Supply and install

Our partner prepares your building for the installation, confirms your packages and arranges your installation date. We offer a full turnkey solution, making EV charging accessible for any business.


Support and service

Creation & training on your online portal, allowing you to manage your EV charging assets with powerful reporting functions. Plus, activation of a 24/7 assistance service and a maintenance & servicing program.


Elmtronics Eve Mini

  • Single socket
  • Compact & discrete
  • DC fault current detection
  • PRS & Ethernet connectivity
  • Full colour display
Elm Eve Mini

Elmtronics Eve

  • Can charge two vehicles
  • High-tech and robust station
  • Large colour display
  • Vandalism-proof
  • Very flexible solution available in various capacities
Elm Eve

Elmtronics Twin

  • Specially designed for public locations
  • Highly robust, steel and discrete
  • Two opposite side charging points
  • No protruding parts and a sloped roof to prevent objects being left on it
Elm Twin

Elmtronics Wave

  • Quick charger with ‘one-charger-fits-all’ compatibility
  • Versatile power range from 50kW to 150 kW
  • Bespoke number of charging points (up to 3)
  • Perfect for heavy-use, heavy-traffic locations
Elm Wave

All Elmtronics products are SIM-lock free and tested/certified by leading automotive manufacturers and bodies. A maintenance solution is also available UK-wide, including unlimited call-outs and an annual service of your machine.


“A company you can rely on. Friendly and supportive all the way to the end.”

David Bignall, Institute of the Motor Industry



GAS works with the largest, leading UK installer of EV charging equipment to help businesses perfect their energy strategy and lead the way to a cleaner, cheaper,
more efficient future.

Specialising in private business and public sector installations, delivery partner Elmtronics provide bespoke solutions according to your business’
needs, whether they are:

Proven track record

We’ve helped more than 10,000 businesses save money on their energy, with a 99% recommendation rate.

Tried & tested suppliers

We only work with the very best. You, the customer, are our number one priority. We’ll ensure your deal is tailor-made for your business.

Dedicated customer experience team

We will protect you every step of the way. From Elmtronics’ 24/7 assistance to GAS’ dedicated Customer Experience department for strategy, management and procurement queries, you’re completely covered.

Value-added services

We don’t just stop with EV charging. GAS can save you money in more than 12 areas of business expenditure, with years of experience in them all. Our cost-reduction expertise trumps all of our competitors in scale and depth.




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