Card Payment Services

Card Payment Services


The business world is dealing with an ever-increasing plethora of new payment methods, making card payments a basic expectation for your customers, whether that’s face-to-face, online or over the phone. 

At GAS, we understand that although it’s a necessity, many businesses are paying far too much for their debit and credit card processing. Despite this, many UK firms are completely unaware just how much they are overpaying. For this reason, our service is designed to reduce your running costs whilst maintaining the same high standard you’re used to providing.

We’ve found that on average, we make a 40% saving for our customers following our review of their current services. With potential savings so high, just think about what you can do when you reinvest those savings back into your business.

Our access to all the leading acquiring banks in the UK gives you a truly independent viewpoint on the card payment processors and enables us to provide the right solution for your business.

From start ups to multi-million national and global organisations, our independence means we are not tied with one single bank or provider, so you get the best deal on Merchant Accounts, Chip and Pin Machines, Mobile Payments, Virtual Terminals and On-Line Payment Gateways.

As always at GAS, we’ll design the solution you need to fit your requirements exactly at the most advantageous price.

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Financial forecasting

Make forecasts with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying throughout the duration of your contract.

Hassle free

Today’s prices are fixed for the entirety of your contract, protecting you against any unexpected rise in prices in uncertain times.

Support and peace of mind

​Using our unrivalled buying power, we’ll scour the market and present you with the cheapest, and most appropriate energy deals for your business.

Fully compliant

Our experts will work alongside you to ensure you comply with the latest PCI DSS standards, eliminating any excess charges.

Why switch with us?

Proven Track Record
Recommendation Rate 98%

We’ve helped over 1,700 companies save money across their business, with a 98% recommendation rate.

Dedicated Customer Experience Team
Full Lifecycle Service 100%

We will protect you every step of the way, ensuring you continue to receive the best prices when your contracts are up for renewal.

Tried and Tested Suppliers
Supplier Relationships 100%

We only work with the very best. You, the customer, are what’s most important to us and saving you money is our number one priority.

Value-added Services
12 Value Added Services

We don’t just stop with your electronic payments, we can make you savings on over 12 different areas of your business, more than any of our competitors.

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