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EV Charging

What are the benefits of EV charging in the workplace?

Whether you’re off for your weekly food shop or paying a visit to the local gym, you’ve probably started to notice those little electric vehicle charging points (EV charging) popping up in car parks throughout the UK (normally with a nice parking space close to the entrance!). Apart from the

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SECR framework set to replace CRC scheme, are you ready?

The UK government have announced a new mandatory Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework, a decision which is set to have a huge impact on many large businesses throughout the country. The new framework is set to replace their outgoing CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme in April of this year,

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Energy cost

Are energy cost savings a thing of the past?

When was the last time you saw a headline reporting something was getting cheaper or easier for UK businesses?  It has certainly been a while. Political, environmental and economic uncertainty are wreaking havoc with business owners’ long-term plans and forcing everyone to hedge their bets with strategic decisions. Brexit’s weakening

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Triad season

Triad season presents opportunity to reduce future bills

It’s back! Triad season is upon us. The annual game of “guess the date” that determines part of your business’ energy bill is now underway. Triad season runs from November to the end of February and is used to determine the strain put on the UK’s transmission network.  This determines

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Back-billing by energy suppliers limited to 12 months

At Great Annual Savings, we know that energy bills going back months or years (back-bills), can be a concern for our customers. Energy market watchdog Ofgem has introduced some welcome protection for smaller businesses in this area.  As of 1 November 2018, the standard licence conditions to microbusiness suppliers have

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State of the energy market 2018 review

State of the energy market 2018 review

Ofgem have announced the release of their State of the energy market 2018 review. Their second annual assessment of the state of energy markets in the UK, the report focuses on developments over the past twelve months. Ofgem regulates the UK’s gas and electricity markets, to protect the interests of

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Energy Management Tips

Top 10 energy management tips for businesses

Are you concerned with rising energy costs for your business? Maybe you’ve been tasked with the job of making your premises more energy efficient and you’re looking for a place to start? Here at Great Annual Savings (GAS), we’d always recommend our customers get a full energy audit of their

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Business energy myths

7 business energy myths costing YOU money

Here at Great Annual Savings (GAS), we’ve worked with thousands of UK businesses to save them time and money on their energy. When you’re as experienced as we are, you become accustomed to hearing the same misconceptions about a complex industry with so many pitfalls. In the following piece, we

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