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Energy Management



GAS can help you achieve dramatic reductions in your energy consumption. Firstly, we’ll undertake an investigation of your premises which can range from a short survey through to an in-depth, comprehensive site audit.


  • Develop a baseline of your energy use.
  • Gather operational data.
  • Gather equipment specifications.
  • Identify opportunities for energy savings.
  • Prioritise and present recommendations.
  • Help implement recommendations.
  • Verify improvements in energy cost reduction


  • Significant cost savings:Eliminate unnecessary expenditure from your budget and invest the capital into your other business functions.
  • Improved financial forecasting:Maximise the accuracy of your financial forecasts with a tighter control over spending.
  • Peace of mind: Plan with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your consumption and energy usage is fully under control.
  • Increased transparency:Easy to interpret, meaningful and clearly presented data. You don’t need to be an energy expert to understand.

Monitoring & Targeting

Our Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) software provides consumption data in a half-hourly format, providing the perfect tool to help manage and measure your energy consumption.


  • ​Present your data in an easy-to-read, real time format.
  • Identify and explain variations in energy use.
  • Draw energy consumption trends (weekly, seasonal, operational, etc.).
  • Determine future energy use when planning changes in the business.
  • Implement an effective submetering strategy.
  • Diagnose specific areas of wasted energy.
  • Observe how the business reacted to changes in the past.
  • Develop performance targets for energy management programmes.


  • ​Significant cost savings: Eliminate unnecessary expenditure from your budget and invest the capital into your other business functions.
  • Maximum scalability: You choose how much (or little) information you need.
  • Waste reduction: Identify and eliminate unnecessary energy usage.
  • Increased transparency: Easy to interpret, meaningful and clearly presented data. You don’t need to be an energy expert to understand.



Here at GAS, we understand that many organisations do not have the time, resource or skill set to manage their energy in-house. To enable sites to undertake this vital function, we have developed our Remote Energy Manager Service. This will utilise the data received by the M&T system, and produce monthly reports to the end user identifying and quantifying all consumption within the month. This will compare consumption with previous periods, identify and explain any anomalies and indicate how the site is operating according to any pre-set targets.​


Depending on the nature and size of your business, you may not require an energy manager on a full-time basis. With our part-time energy manager service, we provide organisations with the option of purchasing ‘blocks’ of time (for example 1224 days per annum) and the Energy Manager will use this time, along with the data provided from the monitoring and targeting system, to effectively manage your consumption levels.



We have the skills and qualifications in-house at GAS to assist you in achieving any compliance related measures such as ESOS, EU ETS, Climate Change Agreements and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

We can also provide bespoke energy related training to your staff to help them understand the importance of energy efficiency. Generally, training can be provided on two levels:

  • Beginners: General course for all employees on energy use, including how it affects the cost of running your business and the impact it will have on the environment.
  • Advanced: A comprehensive training programme aimed at real “Energy Champions” and designed to give staff the skills and knowledge to manage energy effectively.

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