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When it comes to energy, there’s no “one stop” solution that fits everyone. The day-to-day activities of your business have a huge impact on the kind of energy deal that’s most appropriate for you. 

With over 8,000 customers, we work with businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a large industrial firm with intensive energy use or a small pizza shop operating on minimal hours, the likelihood is we’ve consulted a business just like yours on their energy. 

From these dealings, we’ve found that many business owners still have unanswered questions on how to approach their energy. For this sole purpose, we’ve created a hub of energy related advice which cuts out the jargon and gets straight to the heart of what really matters to YOU.


Energy Intensive Industries


Hotels & Leisure


Energy Intensive Industries
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As large consumers of energy, Energy Intensive Industries have the unfortunate double-headed concern of rising energy costs and managing the amount of energy they consume.

In our guide, we discuss:

  • The benefits of Flexible buying.
  • How to offset your carbon emissions.
  • Working triad season to your advantage.
  • The advantages of battery storage.
  • Charges you might be exempt from.
Plus more…
Energy Intensive Industries
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Managing a property portfolio is complex and time-consuming and when it comes to your energy strategy, there are a host of options available.

In our guide, we discuss:

  • Bulk buying energy for numerous properties. 
  • Whether a prepayment or credit meter is best for you.
  • If landlords or tenants should arrange energy contracts.
  • The importance of energy management.
  • Financial support available.

Plus much more…


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With accommodation, spa, catering and laundry services to manage, it probably comes as no surprise that the hotel and hospitality sector exceeds £1.3bn annually for energy spend.

To help you on your way, we cover:

  • Regulations applying specifically to hotels.
  • How to monitor your energy usage.
  • Purchasing energy for more than one hotel at a time.
  • Changes to improve your environmental impact.
Plus much more…
Hotels Energy
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From powering heating systems to computers and lighting, schools consume large amounts of energy. But, with pressure from climate change groups and governments, demand is rapidly increasing to cut carbon emissions.

In our educational energy guide, we discuss:

  • Procuring energy if you’re part of a buying group.
  • The admin headache of managing multiple meters.
  • Appropriate Carbon reduction measures.
  • What type of energy contract is best for you.

Plus much more…



When running a pub, ensuring a welcoming environment is key, so it comes as no surprise that utility costs are one if the biggest outlays in the sector.

To give you a head start, our experts discuss:

  • If energy should be dealt with by landlords or the brewery.
  • Ideal energy contracts for pubs with low credit ratings.
  • Industry regulations.
  • The impact of energy efficiency measures.

Plus much more…



Energy consumption in the hospitality trade is inevitably high. In fact, according to data from the Carbon Trust, the catering industry uses 20,600 million kWh of energy each year.

If you’re concerned about rising energy costs, check out our latest guide where we discuss:

  • The advantages of bulk buying energy for properties.
  • Ideal contract lengths for hotels.
  • The impact of installing a sub-metering system.
  • When best to start the energy renewal process.

Plus much more…


You should now have everything you need to approach your energy renewal with confidence. If there’s anything else we can help with, or any queries you have that remain unanswered, get in touch and discuss switching business energy with our team today.