Kyle Devaney

From meals to deals

Lead Gen Kyle Devaney may have had the most obscure career jump in the whole of Great Annual Savings Group.

Four months ago the Carlisle native was a chef in a North West kitchen.  Now he’s taken to life in a GAS energy cost reduction team like a duck to water.

“Everything is going well so far.  I’ve been working on Lloyd’s team and I seem to be pretty capable considering the career change.

“I worked as a chef, then at a meal preparation company for sports teams.  I wanted a change of scenery and GAS looked a great opportunity so I took the plunge and moved to the North East.

“It’s gone so well that my family is now moving across and we’re buying our first home in the area, which is really exciting.  It’s been a wonderful few months.”


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Clearly someone who possesses an innate drive, Kyle leapt into his new role with both feet.  He’s now reaping the rewards.

“I was keen to get stuck-in straight away.  We received a solid induction and I felt secure with a team around me that was full of knowledge.

“I was answering calls on my first day in the business because I wanted to show what I can do.

“You must have confidence to excel in this role and, as I’ve learned, you need to be adaptable.  Having a solid team around you breeds both those things and I feel like I’ve got that in Lloyd’s team.  The rewards, incentives and staff perks here are like nothing I’ve ever seen in my career and it’s spurring me on to achieve more.”

When it comes to new challenges, the proof is in the pudding with Kyle.

“Take the chance and believe in yourself.  I did that and now my family is joining me to do the same.  Things couldn’t be going better.”