Gary gets DEC accredited for GAS customers

Gary Mapstone, Energy Manager, has given Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) customers a boost by achieving his Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Assessor’s qualification.

Gary becomes the second member of GAS’ expert Energy Management Team to achieve the qualification.  This is a significant development for the Group, because most of our competitors must outsource this service to third parties, adding extra expense to their service.

Our ability to carry out DEC assessments allows Gary to quickly and efficiently assign a building an official efficiency rating, before carrying out any energy management audits.  This rating comes from direct comparisons against like-for-like buildings in the sector and is an important tool when assessing a business’ carbon footprint.

Gary studied on a three-day course in Leicester, which culminated in a practical exam and two off-site tests in real buildings.  He passed the Awarding Body of the Built Environment (ABBE) exam with flying colours and has already carried out a number of assessments for customers.

He said: “It was an intense three days with tricky tests, but I’m pleased to have passed the qualification and look forward to carrying out more DEC assessments.  It’s an important part of improving a business’ energy management and a real bonus for our customers that we can do it ourselves.”

GAS customers are spoilt for choice, as Gary’s fellow Energy Manager Marc Charlton is also an accredited assessor.

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