GAS donates £5,000 to Foodbank following social media initiative

There is nothing quite like sport when it comes to bringing people together.

Following the remarkable response to the launch of the 2020/21 Sunderland AFC home kit on social media, Great Annual Savings (GAS) has donated £5,000 to Sunderland and County Durham Foodbank.

Following the pledge which went viral on social media and saw engagement from prominent public figures, celebrities and former Sunderland players, GAS has vowed to use its enhanced platform to positively impact the local community.

Although the number of new followers fell just short of the 5,000-target set by GAS, the cost-saving consultancy insists on supporting the local foodbank at such a critical time.

GAS Chief Executive Brad Groves said: “In a very short space of time we have experienced a major increase in our social media following and saw this as an opportunity to leverage the goodwill of the supporters.

“It is a privilege to give back to the local community in this way, and GAS will continue to use its platform for the greater good of the North East and beyond.

“It was great to see supporters getting behind the cause and we will be running similar initiatives throughout our partnership.”

The donation is the latest in an on-going relationship with the organisation, which has seen GAS support Sunderland and County Durham Foodbank for the past three years.

The Group will continue to use its new platform within the fanbase to drive social value. Look out for more information on GAS working with Sunderland AFC and its fan base to help families in the city.

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