GAS is streets ahead, with sales floor of the future

Over 10,000 business customers, £160,000 raised for social and charitable causes and 200 jobs created in the past year alone. A set of impressive figures indeed, and Great Annual Savings (GAS) believes it must continue taking steps to leave a positive footprint in the communities in which it operates.

Recognising that the sales floor is the life blood of any successful organisation which enables achievements like the numbers above, GAS has plans to introduce ‘The Street’: a strategically planned workspace for its rapidly growing team of salespeople.

Located on the new 80,000 square foot HQ campus, GAS colleagues will be better equipped than ever to communicate most effectively, deliver increased efficiency and ultimately best serve the Group’s ever-growing customer portfolio.

‘The Street’ will feature a curved, open-plan layout which is mirrored on each side of the impressive new HQ building. At a total of 17,000 square feet, GAS colleagues will enjoy a significantly more spacious workspace than the average 30-40 square feet allotted to most employees, according to Construction News.

Large, wall-mounted high-tech screens will display company-wide messages and ensure colleagues are kept apprised of the latest GAS news, including the daily GASTRO menu and GAS+fit timetable for the day.

Robbie Shearer, Associate Director (UKI Field), has reflected the Group’s growth by securing a number of promotions himself and is proud of the new heights GAS is reaching.

“Our office environment is key to our success for our GAS colleagues. There has always been an attitude of innovation and striving for excellence, however the new HQ and ‘The Street’ represents the next level of evolution for GAS. It is a truly exciting and spacious place to be. I am looking forward to welcoming the team to their new home – I am confident they’ll be well impressed.

“As with everything at the new HQ, our developing digital communication strategy means that the insight our office-based colleagues have access to will also be available at the fingertips of our field-based colleagues. Equally, ‘The Street’ will be equipped and welcoming to our field-based colleagues when they are in the area.”

Meanwhile, Head of Resourcing at GAS, Victoria Walton, is optimistic about what this means for both existing and future colleagues.

“In the past, roles with ‘sales’ in their title have had a chequered reputation, with images of pushy salespeople in archaic conditions. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth at GAS. We are proud to employ a team of credible, creative and independent entrepreneurs who each bring an area of expertise to the organisation. It is our role, as an employer, to provide an environment which encourages collaboration and continual development; and that is exactly what we have in ‘The Street.’

“As well as covering the very basics, such as COVID-19 compliance, we’re also offering top notch tools to not only get the job done but have fun whilst doing it, which will ultimately deliver an outstanding customer and colleague experience. Not many employers can offer coffee bars with sea views on every floor. It is really something special, which will help us attract and retain the very best talent UK wide.”

As Jeff Bezos, the worlds’ richest man once said, “what’s dangerous is not to evolve, not to invent, not to improve the customer experience” – it is this attitude of constant evolution which will keep GAS streets ahead of its’ competitors and reinvesting in the company and its’ communities for years to come.

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