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GAS launches electronic payment service

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) has this week launched its TWELFTH service area in response to the needs of its customers.

As a specialist in helping business owners control their outgoing costs, the Group has regularly identified the need to address its customers’ electronic payment (PDQ) contracts.

Businesses pay a fee to their provider every time a consumer pays for their products via an electronic terminal, whether that’s chip and pin, swipe or contactless.  But this amount varies from provider to provider and the terminals themselves are not cheap to purchase.

GAS has now added this crucial element to its toolkit of cost saving expertise and has already used it purposefully to make customers savings as high as 40 per cent.

Phil Andrew, Head of Customer Experience at GAS, said: “We constantly monitor customer satisfaction levels and requirements, as any business should, and we’ve identified an area we can be more useful.

“Launching this service has involved us building a number of relationships in the sector and training our staff to understand how the contracts work.”

Smaller businesses particularly rely heavily on PDQ machines and they can be hit hardest by the fees associated with offering electronic payment.

“As with many business overheads, they can be accepted as just another expense, but GAS exists to challenge these costs and can do it for no charge.

“If anyone is curious about whether they could save, we’d urge them to get in touch and allow us to assess their contract.”

For more information on the electronic payment service and how GAS could help your business reduce its outgoing costs, go to the dedicated page.

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