Grace House


Grace House children’s charity welcomes children and young people with complex disabilities, health needs and life limiting conditions. They provide a fun, safe, exciting environment for children.

Grace House has provided overnight short break care to children in addition to daytime activities since 2015.


After working closely with the charity through fundraising and collaboration, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) has helped boost Grace House’s finances, giving them more money to spend on the admirable work they do for ill children in the region.


GAS worked with the charity to assess their energy usage and their contracts, securing an improved deal and advising on best practice to maximise future savings.

Through GAS’ trademark account management style, Business Solutions Manager James Henderson dealt with all of Grace House’s requirements and also worked internally to organise sponsorship for their fundraising events.

What do Grace House think?

How did you find out about Great Annual Savings?
“James Henderson, our Account Manager, is also a member of a charity committee dedicated to raising funds for Grace House.”

Were the savings made for your business what you expected when you first instructed us to work on your behalf?
“Yes, they exceeded what I expected.”

Was your account manager professional and easy to work with?
“Yes, James was very professional and helped me understand the new contracts and what would happen at each stage of the process.”


I would recommend Great Annual Savings to any charity/business who is looking into making savings on their gas and electricity. Unlike most utility companies they do not inundate you with phone calls/emails and everything is done at your own pace.

James has been a great Account Manager. He is trustworthy and is always at the end of the phone to answer any questions that I might have. He also went through the contracts with me thoroughly so I understood everything before I signed on the dotted line.

Jemma Hutchinson – Office and Facilities Manager, Grace House

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