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Green Investment Pays off for Optare Group

As well as its several fleets of electric buses which are in operation across Europe, Optare Group is now saving money as well as the planet after investing in new energy-saving software, helping it to become more sustainable.
Having won a string of design, technology and environmental awards after more than 30 years at the cutting edge of bus design and manufacturing, the firm wanted to make sure every aspect of its operation was as efficient as its products.

This led to the Optare team working in partnership with Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) to drive its plans forward and search for the newest technology to help it further cut its emissions as it looks to be as sustainable and profitable as possible.

The first port of call was GAS’ Energy Procurement Team, who renegotiated energy contracts for Optare to allow for more effective financial planning. GAS’ Energy Management experts then carried out their ESOS audit, ensuring Optare complied with the new government regulation and avoided any fines – an initiative that still has thousands of business uncompliant in the UK.

They then highlighted a host of further savings which, if implemented, could reduce Optare’s annual expenditure on electricity, gas, LPG and diesel by 18.5%.

Monitoring and targeting software has also been installed, offering step-by-step control which should help the company shave another 5% from its usage.

“Improving the environment is at the top of our agenda”, said Optare’s president, Graham Belgum.

“So we were particularly impressed by GAS and their focus on getting the most out of the services we use every day.

“The savings they have helped us make are crucial on our journey to make Optare one of the most efficient companies in its sector.”

Optare Electric bus fleets operate in London, Nottingham, York, Inverness, Kalstad (Sweden) and Utrecht (Holland).

Optare said recent independent testing “has proven the Optare electric bus as one of the most efficient currently in service in the UK, reducing well to wheel carbon footprint by over 50% in comparison with equivalent diesels.”

The Metrodecker, Versa, Tempo, Solo and Metrocity buses are already helping save money – and the environment – for operators around the world, and with GAS on board, Optare is now looking to drive forward even more sales and technology achievements.

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