Saving Energy

How Can My Business save Money on the Energy It Uses?

There are many benefits to cutting down on the amount of energy your business uses. Not only can you make GREAT business running cost savings, but you will also help to reduce the level of harmful CO2 produced.

Firstly, you should begin by shopping around to ensure that you are on the cheapest and most hassle-free tariff, and one that caters to your business’ needs.

Stuck for time? We don’t blame you. The business energy market is a minefield and that’s why we’re here.

We take the hassle and energy out of shopping around and enter in contract negotiations on behalf of your business. Saving your time, saving your business money.

While you take advantage of our free business cost audit, there are also a number of practices you can put in place to help your business save money on outgoings:

Take care of the little things

Some of the best-fit solutions are the simple ones. By replacing all of your light bulbs with energy saving alternatives, you can reduce your lighting costs by up to £78 over the lifetime of the bulb. This is mainly due to the fact that you will use one energy saving bulb for every 12 ordinary bulbs.

Heating costs can also be reduced throughout the colder months by fitting a reflector panel behind your radiators. This will reflect 95% of the heat energy radiated from the rear of your radiator back into the room.

Turning down your thermostat by a single degree can also save you 3% on your heating bill.

Under-floor heating and solid-wall insulations are also ways to save some money in the long term.

Replace your windows and doors

A lot of heat is lost through windows and doors, so replacing these with B-rate glazing could also save you a hefty sum on your energy bills.

One way that businesses are able to save money and make an income on the energy it uses is by installing renewable energies into their building.

Think biomass, heat pumps, Solar PV – all of which can save you a huge amount on your energy bills while your business receives an income from the government’s renewable heat incentive.

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