How to choose an energy consultant

Wondering how to select the best energy consultant or whether you should utilise one at all?

There are several benefits to utilising an energy consultant when reviewing your business energy contracts, but what should you look for when selecting one?



Reading customer reviews will reveal honest opinions about a company and its services.

Trustpilot and Google Reviews are good platforms to get a real insight into a company’s ethos and ability to deliver the service promised.

Businesses with four and five-star ratings tend to be reliable and offer high quality customer service so stick to those.

Remember to check the volume of reviews too, less than 50 won’t provide much of an insight.


If a business is fairly new to the market, they aren’t likely to have as many connections in the energy industry. Also, they lack a proven track record in comparison to those who’ve been around for 5 years plus.

Additionally, new businesses come with more uncertainty around stability- 60% of new businesses fail in the first three years, which  could leave you without the advice you need at crucial moments, such as renewal.

Businesses that have been around for longer have a large portfolio of customers which provides evidence of the customer service level they offer.

Experienced consultants have the supplier relationships, resources, and knowledge to secure the best deal for your business.


Some energy consultants offer additional services like energy management which can help you to reduce your usage, alongside your expenditure.

Particularly in the current climate, with energy prices consistently rising, this service is more crucial than ever. Minimising energy consumption is the only real way to mitigate rising costs.

Energy management provides several benefits; significant cost savings, improves financial forecasting, positively impacts the environment and more.


View the blog section of the consultant’s website. If they regularly cover a wide range of business energy topics, they will be knowledgeable in the industry.

A ‘back street’ consultant isn’t likely to take out thorough research to offer helpful information and advice to potential / existing customers. You want to select a consultant who is aware of market impacts and possesses industry expertise.


Find out how vast their supplier list is. A consultant who has established relationships with many suppliers will be in a better position to find you the most suitable energy contract for your needs.

Take a look at the spread of suppliers from which contract options are presented. Credit availability can be a common barrier and your business credit rating may limit which suppliers are willing to quote for your business. That’s where your consultant’s supplier connections need to come in.


After-sales support is vital to ensure the contract goes live smoothly and any issues are quickly resolved.

The energy consultant should be your first point of contact should you face any problems. You should rarely (if ever) need to deal directly with your supplier.

Find out if the consultant has a dedicated resource for customer support.

To conclude, there are a number of benefits to utilising an energy consultant if you select the right one. Do your research on the business, and use this checklist as a guide to decide if they’re suitable.

If your energy contract is up for renewal, or you’re simply looking to benchmark your present deal, get in touch today.


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