HSF Health Plan Case Study


HSF health plan is a popular and longstanding employee benefits provider, with all profits from their health plans channelled to its parent charity, The Hospital Saturday Fund. This enables the charity to support medically associated charities and individuals in the form of grants.

The Hospital Saturday Fund was originally formed in 1873 to provide people with access to healthcare and has been operating in Ireland since 1949.


Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) is a customer of HSF health plan and provides health-related benefits to its 300 + colleagues.

Warren Vale, Senior Account Executive at HSF, works closely with the Group to run the scheme, visiting head office regularly.  After forging a solid working relationship, Warren was keen to employ GAS’ expertise within the HSF health plan business.

After discussions with Group HR Director Judith Bennison, Warren took a business proposal to the leadership team at HSF and made a case to let GAS examine its outgoing energy costs.

The Process

After an initial consultation, GAS quoted HSF at their renewal stage and provided a competitive price which provided worthwhile cost savings.  The ultimate result of this being that more funds stayed within the charity to be awarded through appropriate grants.


Paul Clare, Managing Director of HSF health plan, said: “Warren was passionate about making this happen, having seen GAS help other businesses and charities through his work there.  He drove this project internally at HSF and has been commended for delivering business value.

“There are a number of synergies between the companies, represented through the strong working relationship we have forged in recent years.

“Both HSF and GAS take great pride in the welfare of their staff and this gave us the reassurance that they were the right partner to work with on cost saving.

“We found the process very straight forward and surprisingly quick.

“Saving money is obviously an excellent outcome, but the fact that the process was so simple from our point of view is a bonus.

“Our account manager at GAS, Stuart, explained the recommended course of action effectively and ensured we were fully-informed about our options.

“We can now pass on this saving to the charity and ensure maximum value for those we support.”

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Paul JohnsonGroup Financial Director

About Paul

Paul Johnson is very much a home-grown talent.

He joined Great Annual Savings Group in its infancy, fresh from a youth career as a professional footballer with Hartlepool United.  He quickly established a reputation within the business and aced all required accountancy qualifications in the space of four years to become the Group’s Management Accountant.

Several successful projects later, Paul was promoted to Head of Finance.  When the former FD left GAS, he took on the mantle of the business’ most senior finance professional; boasting a string of incredible achievements all under the age of 30.