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Lockout Tagout Case Study


Lockout Tagout Safety are a worldwide provider of modern, high quality Lockout Tagout products, providing bespoke industrial safety solutions, with the intention of protecting employees from harm and helping employers comply with safety legislation.

Stemming from a local family business, established in 1883, Lockout Tagout specialise in general business security and safety. Their proximity to the industrial powerhouse that is Teesside, located in the North East of England, has helped them identify the niche requirements and demands of today’s modern industry.


As members of the North East of England Process Industry Cluster (known more commonly as NEPIC), Lockout Tagout were contacted by fellow member, Great Annual Savings (GAS), to undertake a full energy review of their business.

As NEPIC’s preferred energy partner for members, the organisation believes GAS can add real value to their members’ bottom line.


• Removed the burden of managing their utilities in-house.
• 30% savings on their electricity per annum.
• Reduced their current water expenditure.
• Established long-term control over their future running costs.
• Maximised the accuracy of their financial forecasts with a tighter control over spending.


By utilising their expertise and extensive knowledge of the Gas & Electricity sector (and their close relationships with many of the UK’s leading energy suppliers) GAS was able to negotiate an improved electricity contract that wouId reduce Lockout Tagout’s bills by 30% per annum.

GAS’s experience and proven track record in the sector enabled them to identify an energy supplier that not only provided significant cost saving on their current terms, but also an ideal fit for their business model.
By taking advantage of GAS’ portfolio of additional cost-savings services, Lockout Tagout were also able to reduce their current gas and water expenditure.


“When we found out they were NEPIC’s preferred energy partner for members, we knew their service would be of the highest quality. Moving forward, the savings they managed to acquire will make a big difference. GAS completely removed the burden of managing our utilities inhouse. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Joan Manning, Head of Accounts, Lockout Tagout

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