M&D Green Group Case Study

Company Background

Family-owned pharmacy chain, M&D Green Group was established in 1996. The chain strives to ensure the highest level of pharmaceutical care and professionalism daily, across its 23 branches in Scotland.

Operating throughout Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Inverclyde, Forth Valley and Lothian, the group provides a personalised service to patients.


As a rapidly expanding business with many sites, M&D Green Group had many energy contracts with multiple contract end dates to manage. The task proved extremely difficult and time consuming as contracts were not aligned and there was no dedicated resource to deal with the admin.

This left the group vulnerable to sudden price increases as they were unaware of when all contracts would be ending and were at risk of rolling on to expensive out of contract rates as a result.

In addition to energy contracts, the Group also had different water contracts to manage, further adding to the administrative burden.


By leveraging relationships with leading suppliers, Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) was able to work with M&D Green to get all energy contracts aligned, meaning that the Group would only have one contract end date to remember.

In the process of aligning the portfolio, GAS was also able to provide a saving of 25% on one of the group’s energy contracts.

GAS also ensured M&D Green had a better deal on their water contracts, providing long-term cost savings.


  • The removal of time constraints and admin
  • Protect themselves from future energy price increases
  • Establish long-term control over energy costs
  • A cost saving of 25% on an energy contract


“Through working with Great Annual Savings, we have achieved great savings from both a monetary and time perspective. As M&D Green Group has 23 sites and is rapidly expanding, the administration involved in managing all our utility contracts was simply too time consuming. GAS removed the burden of what would have been a very extensive and stressful task.

“As a multi-site business, we get a lot of calls from businesses offering to manage our energy contracts for us, however the approach from GAS was extremely professional and their expertise has proved invaluable to us.”

Connie Toner,

Practice Manager 

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