Rising energy prices: Why is my bill so high?

Rising Energy Prices

We may be suffering déjà vu here.  Once again the headlines are full of rising energy prices as suppliers across the industry announce hikes for 2018, leaving businesses and consumers to pick up the pieces.

As a company that monitors the price of energy on a daily basis, we can predict the long-term outlook for how much gas and electricity will cost your business.  In fact, we don’t think you need to know much about the industry to be able to tell the direction prices are heading.

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Team Manager, (Field)

Job Vacancies

Being part of Great Annual Savings, or GAS as we are known to our friends, is more than just a job, it’s a career. We want to hear from motivated, driven people who would love to be recognised for their commitment and success; people who give over 100% to their day to day responsibilities and would be inspired if instant rewards were available to them.

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How energy compliant is my business?

Energy Audit

So, you’ve procured the best energy rates available on the market, implemented the correct energy management procedures and trained your staff up appropriately. After all your hard work, the last thing you want is unnecessary fines imposed on you because you’ve failed to meet basic compliance standards.

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Performance Coach

Job Vacancies

“Our people are our business”; a mantra echoed in our culture and approach to everyone in the GAS family and in the last few years we’ve built a team that do great work. Every individual, both new and more established, adds phenomenal value and it’s our responsibility to give each person the chance to achieve and exceed their own personal potential. Continue reading “Performance Coach”

Energy champions: How Can They Benefit My Business?

Energy Champions

If you’re a long-time subscriber to our media channels, you’ll be aware that we regularly provide you with handy tips on how to save on your business energy costs, especially when switching suppliers.

As we highlighted in a previous post, if you’ve made it through the first stages of switching successfully, it’s imperative that you manage your energy usage effectively to truly maximise the savings you’ve already made. We’ve discussed in detail the energy management procedures required, so today’s post covers an area often overlooked by firms: Improving your staff’s attitude to saving energy.

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Staff boost mental health awareness through voluntary learning

Spectrum 6 Night

Staff at Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) have completed personal development courses on mental health awareness as part of the build up to national mental health awareness week.

Nine staff members at the Seaham-based firm committed to the two-month course as part of GAS’ partnership with national initiative ‘The Big Learn’.  In total, 16 staff group-wide volunteered to complete a range of different qualifications to further their personal development.

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Why do I need a smart meter?

Smart Meter

If you weren’t aware already, in line with the government led national upgrade scheme to improve energy efficiency, all UK businesses are required by law to have smart meters installed by 2020.

Like many, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. Apart from it being the law, why do you need one? In the following piece, we’ll explore the existing methods being used, the basics of what a smart meter is and the impact it’ll have on your business. Continue reading “Why do I need a smart meter?”

Finance Manager

Job Vacancies

Now in our sixth year of trading with an impressive trajectory of profitable growth, the Great Annual Savings Group (or GAS we are known to our friends) have lots to shout about; we’ve double turnover repeatedly, increased headcount dramatically, moved premises, developed a training Academy, created a field team covering the UK and beyond and we’re not finished yet!

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