Jamie Spencer-Matthews

Meet the team – Jamie Spencer-Matthews

It’s been a busy few months for Great Annual Savings (GAS), with record-breaking numbers of new colleagues joining the Group. As we always strive to put our people first, we’ve been touching base with those who recently joined Team GAS to see how they’re settling in.

In this piece, we catch up with Jamie Spencer-Matthews, Business Solutions Manager (Field).

Why did you choose to join the GAS family?

Having worked in the energy industry for 8 years its always tough finding a company that ticks all of your boxes. However, I chose to join the GAS Family based on their reputation in the market place and the value added services that are available to customers. In this day and age, customers want more than just an energy contract and by working closely with the value added services team based within GAS it allows me to go above and beyond for my customers which is really important to me.

Why should people consider a sales role within GAS?

This should be an easy one for people looking to expand their knowledge within the utilities industry because the company can offer you lots of different avenues to maximise your sales, which ultimately means more business and more referrals as the group is a one stop shop for everything.

The company will also reward your hard work with their industry leading commission scheme and from a personal note, this can be life changing!

What do you feel has made you successful in your role with GAS?

Personally for me It has been the relationships the company has with suppliers and the extensive knowledge around the value added services, something I’ve been able to relay onto my happy customers! Pair this with my own extensive knowledge, experience and work ethic and it has provided me with the perfect formula for success!

What are your longer term career ambitions within the GAS family?

I have always had aspirations to progress within my career and needed to find the right company to grow within and make this a reality. With the huge long term plans for the business to expand I would love to be given the opportunity one to day to manage my own team and maybe in the more distant future several teams!