for Landlords

The Great Annual Savings Group have created a new model to allow private landlords a hassle free way of arranging long term energy contracts for their property portfolio with no risk of incurring any energy usage costs on behalf of their tenants.

Via our new model, landlords can arrange the contracts for their properties and still allow for their tenants to pre-pay for the energy they use in their homes.  Our model works where the landlord, or managing agent, will agree a 5 year fixed energy rate for their tenants properties, however during the 5 year period and before the new agreements begin, we will supply and install a dual fuel, smart pre-payment energy meter within each property to allow for the tenants to pre-pay for the energy they use.

This allows for the landlord to manage their sites energy supply while still having their tenants pay for any energy they use without the risk of accruing any potential debt when a tenant moves out of the property and a new tenant moves in.

As part of our service we also reward you, The Landlord, with a cashback payment of £100 per property, which is an excellent incentive for you to join our scheme.

How it works

The energy meters within your property would be contracted under the landlord’s business name for the duration of the 5-year agreement, however we will install a secondary “Gateway” pre-payment meter allowing your tenants to continue to pay for the energy they use.

Our gateway meter (sub-meter) allows the tenants within the property to continue to pay for the energy they use in their homes via our metering partners online pre-payment platform. This platform holds all the payments the tenant makes via the pre-payment gateway meter and once a month these funds are transferred into the landlords nominated bank account.

The landlords nominated bank account is used to pay all the energy charges on the main meters within the property, we do this by using the tenant’s top-up payments via the gateway meter we will install. As the energy used within the property is pre-paid any monthly energy charges on the fixed energy meter for units used within the property will never cost more than the funds which are paid to the Landlord. Therefore, the Landlord bill for energy charges for kW used within the property are always the same value that the tenant has pre-paid in advance.

The energy supplier who provides the property with energy will receive monthly/quarterly payments direct from the Landlords nominated bank account. As the value of the energy used within the property will never be higher or lower than the costs the tenant has pre-paid means the landlord will never have a surplus or negative against actual energy costs.


how to apply in 5 simple steps

Step 1
Check out the properties estimated energy savings by using our online calculator using your properties EPC energy demands
Step 2
Register online and add your property details
Step 3

See an instant savings and estimated energy cost proposal for your properties

Step 4

We will give you a courtesy call within 24 hours of application

Step 5

We install your properties new smart pre-payment and new tariff will begin

We look forward to receiving your application!

Alternatively, you can email us directly with a full property site list and we’ll retrieve the information on your behalf (allowing us to send you a bespoke proposal for each site).