A Great partnership for the benefit of the NEAA

At Great Annual Savings Group, we’ve worked with hundreds of manufacturers to help them improve their energy contracts and boost their bottom lines.

We’re thrilled to have been selected by the NEAA to deliver a set scheme for its members, having proved our credentials and suitability in a tendering process.

It’s important to remember that we operate a no-obligation service. In speaking to GAS, you have everything to gain in efficiencies and reduced costs, but nothing to lose.

What we can help with...

Business Energy
Energy Procurement
Business Energy Management
Energy Management
Business Water
Business Water
Business Waste
Business Waste
Fire Services
Fire Protection
Business Security
Business Insurance
Business Insurance
Electronic Payment Systems
Electronic Payments
IT Services
Office Equipment
Office Equipment

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How the scheme works

  • Contact us and we’ll analyse your bills, circumstances and current supplier.
  • We’ll make some recommendations after combing the energy market for the best deal possible.
  • We’ll offer consultation on what contract would be best for you and why, based on duration, unit costs, additional charges, impacts on business processes etc.
  • If you’re happy with the arrangements and wish to go ahead, we can draw up contracts and arrange for you to switch supplier.
  • We’ll offer you a similar service on our other areas of expertise, that you may want to take advantage of. These are listed below.

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ElringKlinger Case Study

ElringKlinger Case Study

With a history stretching back over 135 years, ElringKlinger are experts in the design and manufacture of speciality gaskets from both soft and hard materials. With an ever-growing portfolio, the firm now also produce sealing solutions for engine, transmission and exhaust applications, as well as manufacturing heat shields both for engine bay and under body.

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Customer Charter

Customer Journey

SPID Number

Your SPID (Supply Point Identification) is a 13 digit long reference number that can be found on your most recent water bill.

Suppliers will use your unique SPID number to switch your retail services.