Optimise your heating controls

Yesterday we covered ‘Voltage Optimisation’ – so the posts aren’t sounding much sexier!  But they are still useful.

In fact, you may even have this installed in your building without knowing it already.  Many standard units already offer this functionality but are underused.

HeatingUsually due to complaints from colleagues, Facilities staff will program a building’s heating to come on at the same time each day so it’s warm when people arrive.  But weather conditions can affect how quickly this happens.  Slight fluctuations in outside temperature can affect this warm-up time greatly, meaning the building can be warm too early with nobody in it.

A heating optimisation system will use an external thermometer to read the temperature and begin heating the building at precisely the right moment so it’s warm for the beginning of the day, with zero wasted energy.

This will have a great impact on both your carbon footprint and your gas bill… as well as the stress levels of your facilities manager.

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