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A Great partnership for the benefit of Red Oak tenants

We’re thrilled at Great Annual Savings Group to be entering into a partnership with Red Oak Taverns. We specialise in giving pubs and their owners the ability to control their running costs. We offer a market-leading package of 12 cost saving services to help you boost your pub’s bottom line.

Why speak to GAS?

  • We’re approved and vetted by Red Oak Taverns especially for you
  • We have a track record of savings with other Red Oak establishments
  • We offer a wider range of services than other cost consultants or energy brokers
  • We’re proud to live by our company values to deliver transparent, customer-centric service
  • No obligation – if we can’t save your business money, you at least gain peace of mind
  • No cost to you – the price we quote you from the supplier is all you’ll pay

What we can help with...

Business Energy
Energy Procurement
Business Energy Management
Energy Management
Business Water
Business Water
Business Waste
Business Waste
Fire Services
Fire Protection
Business Security
Business Insurance
Business Insurance
Electronic Payment Systems
Electronic Payments
IT Services
Office Equipment
Office Equipment
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Mon - Thu: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Fri: 9.00am - 3.00pm

Latest Energy News

SPID Number

Your SPID (Supply Point Identification) is a 13 digit long reference number that can be found on your most recent water bill.

Suppliers will use your unique SPID number to switch your retail services.