Save your energy ahead of #BESW2016

What better way to start Big Energy Saving Week 2016 than with a lie in on Sunday 30 October?

It’s National Lie-in Day, so make the most of that extra hour in bed when the clocks go back.

Use your extra energy to supercharge your creativity, because next week you’re busting bills.

Turn off equipment

Did you know?

A laser printer left on standby overnight costs £18.26 per year, while a desktop PC costs £3.65*. How many of these do you have in your office/workplace? In a medium-sized SME, that’s more than £2,000 wasted every year.

Give yourself peace of mind and make the most of that lie in by ensuring your business premises’ electricals are all switched off completely before leaving work. You’re saving money while you sleep!

During this week, check our blog for five business energy saving tips you haven’t heard before. A new one will be posted every day during #BESW2016.

*The Telegraph, 2014 figures

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