Warren Danson

Staff Profiles – Warren

Here at Great Annual Savings, our people are at the heart of everything we do. So, as part of National Careers Week 2020, we decided to shine a spotlight on some of our GAS family.

In this feature, Warren Danson, our Lead Generator, explains exactly what it’s like to live #TheGASLife.

How long have you worked at GAS

12 months this month and it’s been amazing!

How would you describe GAS in five words or less?

Relaxed, fair, life changing and a family!

How would you describe your role in three words?

Rewarding, challenging and diverse.

Have you always worked in the energy sector? If not, what other sectors have you worked in?

Not always, I have worked in the energy sector for nearly four years. I have also worked in telecoms, home insurance and the care sector

What are your professional aspirations?

I personally would love to progress to eventually working my way up to a management or coaching role. I know I have the support from my manager and her superiors to make these goals achievable.

How would you describe the company culture at GAS?

The culture at GAS is like a close knit family. Everyone is always so friendly, welcoming and helpful and nobody is unapproachable not even the CEO.

Top 3 tips for anybody looking to carve a career in the industry?

Be prepared to put the graft in, hard work really does pay off. 

Be mindful of what companies you would like to work for, do your research on their in-house practices and how staff are treated. Do it at GAS! You will have so much support from everyone it really is just a great environment to work in. 

Have you achieved anything as a result of working for GAS that you otherwise wouldn’t have?

I have achieved so much from working for GAS, I have managed to gain control over my debt issues, start my driving lessons and am looking to buy my first home in the next few months (potentially outright!).

I have so much to thank GAS for, including the fast turnaround of getting me into a role when I was made redundant last February. GAS always goes the extra mile!

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