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Staff Stories: Rick Maughan

Great Annual Savings Group (GAS) employee Rick Maughan has quickly established himself as a solid performer with a bright future after joining GAS in November 2015.

With a rich background in outbound sales and team management, Rick has proved a popular and valuable addition to the GAS team.
​He reflected on joining one of the North East’s fastest growing companies earlier today.

“I just saw a huge opportunity ahead,” he said, speaking from GAS’ HQ in Seaham, “It’s a growing business with all sorts of positions being created on a weekly basis here and I saw a chance for me to control my own future.

“On top of that, you get a better base wage than the rest of the sector and an uncapped commission. If you have the skill you can genuinely make life-changing money here and I can see an end goal that I’m working towards.”

Following six years at Sunderland call centre Parseq and roles at EDF, Rick decided to join GAS as a Business Solutions Manager. He quickly settled in and has shown his sales pedigree.

“The working style here is different to what I’ve been used to. You’re given autonomy to manage your own time and your own customers. You can also plan your work/life balance better because you’re working a nine to five week and no weekends.

“I feel like there is the right level of structure here. Enough to give you direction but not so much that you don’t feel free to be creative in your work.

“It’s also enjoyable to see so much good publicity around the company you work for. We are making strides in the sector and in the North East business community, so it feels like I’m part of something strong.”

The Great Annual Savings Group is giving only the most ambitious outbound sales professionals the key to their dream lifestyle with a market-leading wealth creation package.

If you are interested in joining the fastest growing company in the North, please contact Victoria Walton on 0191 500 5575 / 07702865116 email us

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