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Water Saving Guide: Hotels

When running a hotel, you probably think that a high water usage and bill is inevitable. While you will undoubtedly have a high water consumption, water waste can contribute heavily towards your bottom line.

In this piece we’ll explore water saving opportunities as well as the ways you can take advantage of a deregulated market. 

Can I reduce my water bill?

Working in the hotel sector, high water consumption is unavoidable. However, there are measures that can be put in place to increase efficiency and limit waste.

1: Regular monitoring and reporting of usage will make it easier for you to identify sudden changes in consumption. Checking your water meter or monthly bills will aid in providing an overview of your regular usage.

2: Installing water efficient devices will result in reduced water use and waste. Things such as cistern displacement devices will reduce the water capacity of toilet cisterns resulting in 1.2 litres of being saved with every flush.

4: Maintenance of equipment and plumbing is necessary, especially during winter months when leaks are more likely to occur. Insulating pipes will decrease the chances of water freezing, expanding and causing a break in the pipe.

4: Rainwater storage as you can gather from the name, harvests rain. Historically, these systems have been associated with gardening; however, they can be plumbed into your premises and be used in the same way as our general water supply. Installation costs vary but a rainwater harvest tank can store around 65 litres of water that you will not be billed for!

5: As a result of deregulation of the water market in 2017, non-domestic customers are now able to switch retailers. In doing so business customers can potentially make cost savings.


How do I switch water supplier?

The water market works in a similar way to other utility market such as energy. There are retailers who negotiate with wholesalers to supply a service, in this case water supply. Your billing is organised by water retailers, so when switching you are switching retailer, not wholesale supplier.

As the deregulated market is relatively new, switching processes can still prove troublesome. However, by working with a cost-saving expert, you can be matched with a new retailer that best suits your business needs.


How do I choose the right retailer?

Just like with other utility suppliers, standards, offerings and approaches differ from one company to the next.

Different customers prioritise different things so if price is your main concern the choose the retailer with the best prices for you, but if you deem customer experience and valuable advice more important then a supplier that offers those to a high standard should be your port of call.

Despite a lot of contrary information, the water you receive will not change if you change retailer. The wholesaler that supplies your water will continue to do so, the only thing that changes is the company that bills you.

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