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What to consider when choosing your apprenticeship

Just like any other job advert, apprenticeships can include a ream of information, which may be slightly overwhelming at first glance. When you’re viewing several vacancies a day, it’s easy to overlook the important elements.

So which key areas should you focus on? We’re going to highlight four important aspects to consider when choosing an apprenticeship.

Future Prospects

Arguably, the most vital aspect to consider when choosing an apprenticeship. After all, the whole point is to benefit your career long-term and give you the best start.

Are you going to gain experience and skills that will set you apart from your peers? Will the employer be likely to offer you a role after completion? You must think about how the apprenticeship will impact on your future.


You’re going to spend at least 20% of your working hours studying a qualification which will provide something tangible to demonstrate your academic development. Think about how useful the subject will be. If it’s something you’re interested in, then that’s half the battle! When you enjoy something, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

If it’s a subject you’ve already had experience with in college / school, did you enjoy it then? Will the end qualification provide you with a step in the right direction to your career goals?

Speak to someone in your desired industry and find out what they would recommend. If you’re unsure of what career you’d like to pursue then don’t worry. It may be an idea to choose a qualification which is less specific and can be applied to a variety of jobs in the future.

About the employer

80% of your apprenticeship will be spent working for your chosen employer, so find out what they’re all about. When you start the apprenticeship, you’ll adopt their business goals, make sure they’re something you’re interested in.

Have a look at what they have to say about apprenticeships. When we advertise at GAS, we ensure that applicants can see how we value apprentices and how the board have a true passion for employing local young people.

Take a look at their Glassdoor reviews, you can gain a real insight from existing / previous employees into what the working environment is like – the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Granted money is not the be-all end-all but it’s certainly important. Take into consideration your monthly expenditure like travel costs, to ensure you’ll see a financial benefit. The minimum wage for an apprentice who is either under 19, or in their first year, is £4.81 per hour. However, some apprenticeships offer a higher wage than this alongside bonus schemes.

So, next time you’re looking for an apprenticeship, make sure you pay close attention to these key areas. Why not test your new knowledge by taking a look at current apprenticeships on offer.

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